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Our WordPress Site Using eCommerce Theme Customized services to help your website. With our team of experienced WordPress Site Using eCommerce Theme Customized professionals, Your website and a customized Theme strategy to improve its visibility.

eCommerce Theme Customized Features Our Team Services

  • Theme Customized Features

Our team services Designing your WordPress site using eCommerce theme customization is a simple process. eCommerce theme involves customizing an existing theme to suit your specific requirements which allows help to our team services to design your website and customize it without any coding.

  • Install and activate eCommerce:

our services by installing the eCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. Go to navigate to Plugins for eCommerce, Installing then activated.

  • Choose your eCommerce Theme:

eCommerce works WordPress Website, you can choose the theme and use it on your websites such as the ThemeForest or the official WordPress theme repository. eCommerce popular themes installed and active customized theme with your business goals and design preferences WordPress website.

  • Our team services Customized your eCommerce theme

customizing themes to match your brand and website requirements.

  • General Settings Customized eCommerce

basic settings Customized eCommerce like site title, logo, favicon, and typography. Layout Customized: header, footer, and sidebar layouts. Colors and Fonts: scheme and typography to reflect your brand

  • Homepage Setup eCommerce theme

Our services, Customized and layout eCommerce theme content on your homepage, such as sliders, featured products, or banners. Product Pages, the layout, including product images, descriptions, reviews, and related products. Navigation Setup menus and navigation elements ensure easy access to important information on your site. Widgets and sidebars were available on your site.

  • Set Up Product Pages and Categories and add your eCommerce sites such as making sure product pages, shopping cart, buying cart, checkout process, and any other features you have applied page Configure Payment and Shipping.
  • There are make sure to optimize your site speed test, mobile responsiveness, Computer responsiveness, and search engine optimization (SEO) to better audience traffic on Google your website.

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